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Time Event Selection User Result
Anderson (+9,5) WinorWin WON
Tomic (+7,5) WinorWin LOST
Henry (-12) WinorWin LOST
Diagne WinorWin WON
Axe Axelrod ofioleo NEW
Brown (-14) WinorWin WON
Vildoza (+7,5) WinorWin LOST
Double Bet 4 adders-ladbrokes NEW
Yashina Trulsdavid pro user NEW
Both teams to score: Yes FrankoTank NEW
Arsenal Locked FrankoTank NEW
Double Bet 3 adders-BETHARD NEW
Bodo Glimt -1 (Asian Handicap) Locked 007Hridoy NEW
Zlatan to Score BenLakeee_ pro user LOST
Baskonia(-7,5)+Palencia WinorWin WON
Baltimore Ravens WinorWin WON
Baskonia-Baskonia WinorWin LOST
Laguna+Baskonia/Baskonia WinorWin LOST
JapĆ³n (+21)+Palencia WinorWin LOST
Palencia WinorWin WON
Madrid+Baskonia+Gipuzkos (-4) WinorWin WON
Hermansson (+8,5) WinorWin LOST
Baskonia (-3) WinorWin WON
IDK (-2) WinorWin LOST
Blue Jackets Locked Thebuilder NEW

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