About Bettin.gs

Bettin.gs is an online tool that helps you manage your betting portfolio. It helps you track your bets and progress and see where you are making the most money and where you could improve.

Here's how it works:

  1. Once you've made a bet on any of the bookies out there, come to Bettin.gs and register your bet. It's superfast, we have information about lots of matches available already and you can choose to enter just the basic info tag your bets as well as enter info about which tipster you backed or write a little note about your bet.

    Bets screenshot
    Bets screenshot
  2. When the bet is settled, update the bets' status (hopefully to 'won'). This goes in an instant, either by clicking the status in the Result column, or by selecting the bet and update the whole bet.

  3. Your stats will be updated directly so you can see how you're doing in easy to understand, nice-looking graphs. Check out the stats page for all kinds of useful stats, like profit, return on investment, what bookies and sports you are making the most money on for example. We'll be developing this section continually, so if there's anything you'd like to see here, let us know.

    The stats are possible to filter by tag, tipster, sport or basically any information that you've registered about you bets.

    Stats screenshot
    Stats screenshot

You can see details about all bets, as well as share it to social networks to let other people know about it. You can also choose to connect to Facebook and Twitter to automatically share your bets as you register them, plus comment on your or someone else's bets (unless they have chosen to be private) and much more.

Bet screenshot

Bettin.gs is free to use for anyone in it's basic version and if you need more features or want to get rid of the ads, a Bettin.gs pro account is just $12/month.

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