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1. Register your bet

Bet tracking is a great way for you to manage your betting portfolio, but it isn’t the easiest thing to do on your own. It can be quite complicated if you are not aware of how it works and that is why we have created a platform where it is simple for you to track all of your bets.

bets betting odds football spreadsheet

2. Update the result

We have a lot of information about different matches and you will not need to make all the hard work by yourself with our help.

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3. Check out your stats

By tracking your bets you can easily see patterns in your betting history and learn how to place more successful bets and in that way increase your wins. By tracking your bets you can understand sports betting and improve your handicapping. With our help you just need to register you bet then we will do the rest! It is as simple and easy as it can ever be!

Track all your bets

No matter if you use to bet on different sports and different markets, or always the same, we will help track all of your bets. It is simple to register an account and it is totally free of charge. When you have registered your bets with us you just need to wait for the outcome and when the match is over you just update the status. When that is done we will deliver graphs for you to see you overall bet stats. But why should you track your bets? Well just as when it comes to finances it can be an eye-opener to track you betting. It can bring an idea on how you’re doing and where you can improve. Betting is funny, and winning is even funnier and bet tracking can help you win more!

No need for documents or excel

Many players wish to track their betting, but it often seems so complicated filling in documents or excel sheets, that’s where we come in! As a knight in shining armor we will take care of the hard work for you. We already have much information about many matches, which makes it easy for you to register them.Once a match is over and you update the status of them we will take care of the rest. No need for downloading spreadsheets to fill in. We have made it as easy for you as possible to track your bets, no matter if you bet on football, tennis, eSports or any other kind of events.

Analyze with the help of nice graphs

As you enter your bets at our page we will automatically create beautiful graphs for you to be able to see your progress. You can see things as your profits per day, month or year, and you can also choose to see the ROI (return on investment). Our charts also have plenty of filtering options in order for you to see your progress on different sports, dates or any other thing that can come in handy. We also create charts where you can see your most used bookies, tipsters, sports and more. In that way you can see where your money is going while betting. It is a great way to track your budget and make sure that you don’t overspend it.

Find out your strengths and weaknesses in betting

When you track your betting with our platform you will get a good overlook at your strengths and weaknesses in betting. If you find out that there is one kind of bet you always lose, then you can either change the way you bet at it or not bet at it at all. Maybe you are luckier in some sports or some markets, then focus on those ones to improve your winning potential. Odds aren’t created to be easy, they are designed to confuse you.

Track through your computer, tablet or smartphone

As we know that most betters like to be able to place bets and check their progress even when on the go we have made it our service available on computer, tablets and smartphones. In that way you will always be ready to track your bets, no matter where you are at the moment. Our website will automatically adjust to the device you are using, great right!?

What are the pros of bet tracking with us at Bettin.gs?

There are plenty of pros with tracking your bets, which we have already mentioned above, but why should you use our platform? Well first of all our service is simple as well as free of charge. You don’t need to know or like calculus in order to enjoy bet tracking with us. It is a perfect way to compare odds and see your risks and good choices. We will help you see who is your best tipster, which sport you should focus on and which kind of bets are your most successful ones. Instead of filling in spreadsheet after spreadsheet with numbers and odds and bets you can simply register the bets here at our platform. You can also see how other users bet and whether they won or not.

Is it easy to track bets?

It depends, but with the help of Bettin.gs it really is! You just login and all your information will be there. You don’t need to look through your computer for spreadsheets and you don’t even need a computer to use our service! We offer a video at our web page with information on how our service works, you will see how simple it is. Bet tracking will make you more successful which will result in more money. All our graphs and charts are clear and simple to understand, which will make it easy for anyone to use our service. We offer the best and easiest way to manage your betting portfolio.

Go Pro for more advantages

If you wish for more advantages we offer a subscription service at a low cost and you can either pay monthly or yearly. With Bettin.gs Pro you will be able to track unlimited bets, and you will see all of it on the latest bets page. You will get unlimited detailed stats and be able to access advanced filtering options. There is also the perk of no ads while choosing to subscribe, which is always a pro. The price is a small price to pay considering all the great advantages you will get access to.

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Share your progress

If you are a blogger or just want to share your progress on social media like Facebook and Twitter we give you the opportunity to do that in a very simple way. You can automatically share your bets the second you register them, and you can also share your wins!

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Integrate your blog

You can also get access to our API and integrate your blog. In that way you can add our plugin in Wordpress to be able to post your stats and graphs at your blog. This is a really great feature which will make your blog much more interesting.

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