bets betting odds football spreadsheet

1. Register your bet

Once you've made a bet on any of the bookies out there, come here and register your bet. It's superfast, we have information about lots of matches available already.

bets betting odds football spreadsheet

2. Update the result

When the bet is settled, update the bets' status. It's done in no time.

bets betting odds football spreadsheet statistics analytics graphs

3. Check out your stats

See how you're doing in, nice-looking graphs. We tell you where you make the most money, how much you make and which bets are most successful for you, plus much more.

Track your bets and analyze your progress

Who's your top tipster? Top league? What types of bets are your most successful? What sport should you focus on? Start tracking your sport bets today and never need to ask again.

Register your bets in an instant

You select what game you're betting on and we'll enter the date, time, odds and sport automatically. All major sports like football, baseball, horse racing, basketball and ice hockey are supported, all the way down to the lower leagues.

Beautiful, useful graphs

See your stats showing your profit per day, month or year in beautiful graphs. Choose to filter per sport, tipster, date interval, tag or basically whatever you need. Choose to see either the profit for the period our the return on investment (ROI) in easy to understand, good looking graphs.

Information packed charts

Know where your money is going by analyzing charts showing your most used bookies, sports, tipsters and more. See where you're investing most of your budget and what the basic outcome is at a glance.

Works great on your mobile phone and tablet

We know that much of the betting happens while on the couch, outside or out on the pub with your friends, so we made it super easy to access your stats and register your bets wherever you are. The website adjusts to the device you're using so you don't even need a desktop computer.

sharing social betting twitter facebook

Share your success

Choose to automatically share your bets to Twitter and Facebook as soon as you register them and let your followers know that you're winning.

wordpress betting

Integrate your blog

If you're running your own betting website or blog, go ahead and use our Wordpress plugin or javascript widget to show your stats and graphs directly on your blog.

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